The importance of membership in the Association of Southern California Defense Counsel has never been greater.

Attacks on the civil trial system, and legislated changes to it, have made the practice of law far more confusing and complex than in previous generations. Keeping stride with these changes, and challenging those attacks that threaten the delivery of civil justice, the ASCDC is the only local professional organization that defense attorneys can count on for:

  • Professional Networking
  • Specialized Continuing Education
  • Representation in Legislative and Appellate Matters
  • Liaison with Industry Leaders
BORN IN 1960, at a time when several lawyers' groups were launched in California, the ASCDC was organized by a small group of Los Angeles defense attorneys who felt it was essential for their professional interest to be independently represented. The ASCDC has since grown to become the nation's preeminent regional defense organization. It now encompasses a diverse group of men and women of all ages, races and religions, who practice from north of Santa Barbara to the Mexican border and from the desert of the inland empire to the shores of Santa Monica.